By Arshad Sharif

Islamabad, Dec 19: The shocking revelations of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about multiple engine shutdowns during ATR flights are a cause of serious concern as PIA gave clearance for operations of ATR after sacrificing a goat on the runway.

The damning audit report about “Restoration of ATR Aircraft Operation” by CAA identified “shortcomings in maintenance, quality assurance and Airworthiness Management System of PIAC.”

Even more serious is the revelation that ATR planes had atleast 20 incidents of engine shut down during flight.

“As per data for premature failure of PW 127 engines, PIAC had 20 incidents of In-Flight shutdowns due to HPT blades failures,” said the report dated 13th December 2016 by Deputy Director General Nadeem Ashraf Pasha of CAA.

Passengers of the flights in which engines failed on no less than 20 occasions were perhaps luckier than those travelling on PK-661 which crashed due to an engine failure from Chitral to Islamabad.doc-20161218-wa0006

Even more shocking is the finding of the audit that “total cases of schedule/unscheduled engine removals were 90 and out of these, most of the cases are attributed to core engine component failures.”

Since the induction of ATRs in 2007, statistical data reflects an “alarming trend of engine failures due to HPT blades, main bearings, surging and oil system issues,” CAA said in its findings.

The engine failures of ATRs were also caused due to “bearings failure, high EGT, surging of compressors, seizure of impellers, breaking of spline shaft of accessory gear box etc.”

In light of the critical findings of CAA audit, it is worth questioning how the issues were addressed before PIA top management decided to sacrifice a goat on the runway and resume ATR operations.

PIA top management would have been held accountable for criminal negligence and manslaughter of passengers abroad PK-661 and knowingly endangering their life in any other civilized country with rule of law equally applicable to everyone.

But, in the land of the pure, some are apparently above and beyond the long arm of the law.

Is sacrificing goats indicative of the top management mindset that Perhaps It Arrives?




Author: Arshad Sharif


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